You’ve got a real challenge…

Do you have a business problem that’s a real challenge? A situation with tricky human dynamics? Entrenched politics? A tight timeframe?

I can help you solve that problem.

Because my special expertise is getting diverse people to mesh together to achieve all-but impossible goals.

This competitive difference has allowed me to achieve real success in influential roles – and to have some hard-out fun along the way.

Élanne Project Management Clients

The specialists say to me: “you’ll need to find a professional to run the whole project” then they find out they’re looking at her. I’m that Project Manager.

Oh, it’s been super-scary at times. Every job I tackle seems to force me to start from scratch.

I love to encourage a variety of talent around the table. I love to watch as the people I’ve gathered magically turn nothing into something wickedly amazing!

Hoping for a goal or a S-t-r-e-t-c-h goal

Goals that require teamwork can be super-stressful. But do you know what the biggest thing I’ve learned is?

It’s the real power the team gets from you being different from me.

Shaping teams to achieve s-t-r-e-t-c-h goals – that’s the competitive difference of my personal brand.

OK, that’s me. I only got here by recognising other people’s star qualities, and focusing on what they excel at. Why does this matter? Because we achieve our best results together.

Your next win

As I say before every project, we’re only as good as our next win. Or, shall we make that, your next win?

Contact me today and let’s talk about what you’d like your next project to achieve.