You’re short of money, time and need a way forward….

Can you see a golden opportunity? But, don’t have the right person to harness it?

I can provide the entrepreneurial oomph you need to capitalise on your idea.

And show steady progress which will help you to attract project sponsorship.

This ability to forecast success and launch new services has allowed me to create my own future and co-produce stellar results amidst tough opposition.

force for positive change in society….

Entrepreneurship has been described as an engine of global economic development and a force for positive change in society.  I’d add that sustainable entrepreneurship is inclusive and exciting.

What’s certain is an entrepreneurial project can only be achieved by a person who can create a vision and who drives toward success with relentless focus.

If you’re looking for someone inventive and opportunistic, trustworthy and persuasive, competitive and strategic – with an eye for detail – then you’ve found your entrepreneur.

Your new win!

My best wins have been where public and private interests interact – a complicated arena with multiple stakeholders vying for focus.

It’s where my crystal clear vision is invaluable – “Smart, modern”, “Safe, Happy, Learning” , “Kiwi barbecue on the balcony”’, “Youth welcoming Youth” – in focusing my teams to success

You can call this my distinctive approach to managing

Contact me today and let’s talk about your opportunity.