AON Youth Sailing World Championships 2016

I project managed the multi-faceted Opening Ceremony.  My team of 60 volunteers created a memorable event which gave our international visitors a heartfelt welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand.  My vision for the event was “Youth welcoming Youth.”

Opening Ceremony Instructions

Opening Ceremony Powhiri

Open Ceremony – World Sailing review

New Zealand Sport Recreation Awards

Team SCA Forum

Shortly before the arrival into Auckland of Team SCA, an all-women’s crew in the Volvo 2016 race, I asked the young female sailing coaches at Murrays Bay Sailing Club if they’d like to invite Team SCA to a Kiwi barbeque on our club balcony.

The girls wrote a letter to the team and during a general committee meeting I received the reply from Stockholm “Yes! But, can you come to our Viaduct base instead?” Professional sailors have almost no time in port, we knew how lucky we were, and I’d encouraged the girls to set up a Facebook page.  They had responses from 100 girlfriends keen as to attend !!!

From a marketing perspective, what had clinched Team SCA’s Yes! was our pledge to invite girls in Fiji, Samoa, New Caledonia and Rarotonga to dial in.  Watching Auckland teens, Olympians, world champions and aspiring offshore sailors learn from their Volvo heroes was rewarding but my heart was with the offshore youngsters listening intently from their distant island stations. Photos courtesy of  Live Sail Die.


Orakei School Uniform Change

I initiated and drove a school improvement project at the community level, confident of support from our electorate MP Hon. Allan Peachey.

Several years later, the first time we had unity in the Orakei School boardroom was in selecting a new uniform.  Our diverse and motivated board was excited and energised by the proposal.

Many principals make this change upon taking up an appointment but now was the right time for our board.  We were setting expectations for all students to learn their 3Rs to a high level of attainment and on Orakei School becoming school of first choice for the community. We’d united.